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The Haus of Gaga is the name used by Lady Gaga to describe her behind-the-scenes creative team. The name is inspired by the German "Bauhaus" which she told in an interview in Germany and a play on the word "House" used by famous fashion brands. Furthermore, "Haus" is literally German for "house".

Members The Haus started with her close friends including Gaga's creative director, Matthew Williams and people hired to work with her. The first list of members was first published in August 2008 inside the liner notes of The Fame. The list was expanded when the US edition of The Fame came out with four new members (S. "Kamikazee" M., David "Dark" C., A. “The Ornament" C. and DJ Space Cowboy).

Creative Founder — Lady Gaga (2008—Present) Fashion director — Nicola Formichetti (June 2009—2011) Stylist and designer — Anna Trevelyan, Brandon Maxwell (2009—Present) Creative coordinator and choreography assistant — Lacee Franks (2009—Present) Makeup artist — Sarah Nicole Tanno (2014—Present), Tara Savelo (Fall 2009—2014) Hairstylist and creator — Frederic Aspiras (Fall 2009—Present) Designer — Perry Meek (Fall 2009—Present) Personal assistant — Lane Bentley (2008—Present) Assistant — Sonja Durham (Since 2008—2017) Photographer — Terry Richardson (2010—2014) Artist — Helen Green

At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, American singer Lady Gaga wore an infamous dress made of raw beef, which was commonly referred to by the media as the meat dress. Designed by Franc Fernandez and styled by Nicola Formichetti, the dress was condemned by animal rights groups, and named by Time as the top fashion statement of 2010.

Following the VMAs, media outlets attempted to analyse the meaning of the dress with suggestions by BBC News ranging from anti-fashion, to feminism, aging and decay, and society's attitude towards meat. Chef Fergus Henderson explained this meat attitude as "People often don't want meat to look like meat. They want it to be neatly wrapped in plastic from a supermarket. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) condemned the dress, releasing a statement that said "wearing a dress made from cuts of dead cows is offensive enough to bring comment, but someone should whisper in her ear that more people are upset by butchery than are impressed by it. The Vegetarian Society also condemned the dress, releasing a statement that said "No matter how beautifully it is presented, flesh from a tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal. Enough animals die for food and they should not be killed for stunts like this.


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